A little about myself.

My name is Sarah. I am the curator and owner of Sacralnicity & Co. The word "Sacralnicity" came to me many years ago when I blended the word sacral (for the Sacral Chakra, our creative energy center) and serendipity (the quaint and harmonious unfolding of events). To me, it represents my purpose, my gifts, and how I am meant to help heal our Mother Earth.

I am a certified professional Life Coach (certified since 2023; practicing since 2022). I am a certified Reiki Practitioner (certified since 2019; practicing since 2011). I am also a tarot reader, and offer what I like to call Intuitive Tarot Therapy sessions (tarot practicing since 2018).🧿✨

I'm a firm believer in the integration of our light and dark, so if you choose me as your service provider just know we will compassionately explore those parts of YOU too! I specialize in Divine Feminine healing, BUT I am very well versed and skilled with both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. I love being a healer, it's what I've incarnated here to do! I also work with crystals, herbs, and oils, if you are looking for intentional items.  

Please feel free to reach out with ANY questions you may have. I very much look forward to being of service to you. 🥰 

 If this sounds like something that is calling to you, consider checking out my services.